Stuck in dessert

My family name starts with a Z. When I was growing up it had certain pluses and minuses. On the plus side, if a teacher was going down the list of names I’d be at the very bottom- a real advantage when it comes to a lower chance of being called to present or solve something. Similarly if someone was going through a list of allocating tasks alphabetically, I could potentially figure out good and bad choices while the task scheduler was traveling down the alphabet. With that same token, and it’s a clear minus, all good choices might have been taken by the time I had an opportunity to pick. Most importantly being last on the list of names had a self perception of being last in general.

That aside, and in a more mature day and age, I passed on the joy of a Z last name to my kids who happen to go to daycare. That daycare happens to have holiday potlucks here and there. Guess where we end up every time? We are pretty much stuck in dessert.