Imagine the world where you don’t have to leave your house at all. Allergies? No problem, you don’t have to worry about those anymore. Extreme weather? No such thing, central heating and a/c got your covered. Flu sneezing citizens and other unpleasant elements? Thing of the past. The walls around you will take care of that.

And what do you do for essentials? Food, clothing, entertainment? What about friends? Pets? Fresh air? Love?

Well, what about them? Introducing Sense Me, a revolutionary way to experience life. Experience in such a way that you don’t need to leave your couch. Ever. Guaranteed.

Sense Me is a sensor based device that delivers sensual experiences to whoever uses it. It comes packed with sensor pads that can imitate how you feel, taste, smell and hear the world around you. Want to try on a new shirt? You can, with the help of a 3D hologram enriched with hundreds of tiny sensors. Just spread your arms and the hologram will dress you up in whatever you need to try on. These sensors are able to deliver the accurate sensation, whether it’s silk, cotton or a knights armor.

Want to try a new dish? Sky’s the limit. Just program which dish you want, place a sensotic gum in your mouth and chew away. That gum lasts a long time and can’t be swallowed. No hassle cleaning dishes, and you’re never full or hungry- a special chemical in the gum controls your perception of food, heck it even fully replaces your palate!

Want to travel to a new place? Visit Afghanistan or Siberia? Forget virtual reality, our SenseMe proprietary placement technology will make you feel like you’re in the afghan cave or Siberian village, same temperature, just about same thoughts towards Americans, but safe, so safe like nothing else. You can ride a camel in Egypt or scuba dive in Costa Rica. You will never drown or feel discomfort. You will be as comfortable as you can be and yet be anywhere you want. How, you might ask? That same hologram technology that projects a T-shirt on you would project you on a scuba dive trip. Virtual reality? Not at all, you feel it as if you are there. It is therefore not virtual.

What about friends? Well you need those but why bother crossing town, hopping on the subway or driving? Have a drink right here, heck have 11 drinks, you’re not driving tonight. We will project your friends to your room, or even project a beer and snacks, you will feel as drunk as you want to be. Want to get into a fight after a few too many? Your face will swell up if you’re not too lucky or your knuckles will, if you are.

What about love, you might ask? The most sacred of all human contacts? Well hold on to your pants, our premium SenseMe model comes equipped with Jessica or Kyle, or both if you’re into that sort of thing. You think it’s a hologram? Think again. It’s our proprietary technology again. Don’t even get off the couch, it will all happen there and you won’t need to worry about unwanted pregnancy or being caught with your pants down by a jealous husband or wife. No jealousy and no strings attached. But it will feel real, so real you’d want to take a shower. Which is also not really necessary- our clean bots will take care of that.

So what are you waiting for? Just pay down a deposit and enjoy a new life. Not that you have much of the old one.

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