I was in a meeting the other day. A couple of consultants presented some mumbomjumbo that the rest of us pretended to appreciate. Both of them, man and woman, looked identically tanned, same height, same fake laugh and quite possibly same bed while away on a business trip. He was her boss, anyway.

On our side there was this guy, new to the company and the team, that reminded me of Chris Cooper character in the movie American Beauty, colonel Frank Fitts. I mean, the guy looked like he had just gotten back from the gun range. I asked a rather innocent question and he gave me this look, unmistakably sharp look of a sharp shooter. Did I say the meeting was boring? I had a vivid image of this fella on a Saturday night, in his black vintage boxers and a wife beater, lovingly cleaning his Uzi. He drank and cursed all these damn immigrants that had invaded America and glanced at his white outfit in the corner every few minutes.

The meeting was over in no time. I’m glad Colonel and I work in different departments.

P. S. There was a follow up call and the colonel was on it. At some point he quoted “the greatest Donald Trump” and that was the break point for me. You win, Colonel.

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